¡Amazing Performance by Kaká on Real Madrid x Ajax!

The second game for the “UEFA Champions League”, this time against Ajax in Santiago Bernabeu. Kaká started on the first team with Ozil, Cristiano and Benzema as the attack players. The first minutes of the game gave the impression that it was going to be a hard game because Madrid wasn’t playing that good and Ajax was having a lot of ball possession. But that changed after an amazing play between Cristiano, Kaká, Ozil and Benzema that ended with the first goal by Cristiano. After that Madrid played so much better and the greatest moment by Kaká on this season came before the first half was over, when he made a shoot outside of the area that ended with a great goal!

The second half was almost all Madrid and Kaká played until 70+ minutes after he was replaced by Di Maria. He gave the goal assistance of the third goal to Karim Benzema and that was the final goal letting Madrid as the leader of his group and having the best Kaká back.


Karanka talked about Kaká after the game, here’s what he said:

“Kaka has, frankly, had a rough time. He is a quality player and it is very important for us to see him happy and enjoying himself because it means he will be an essential player on this team. He is the first one who deserves to be fit. The rest of us simply have to stand by him and support him.”

¡More will come!


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