I’m so happy to announce the first Forza Kaká Project/Promo!

The most important part of this is the “Share Your Memories” one where I’m inviting you to share your experiences with Kaká, your favorite photos of him, how did you ‘meet’ him or anything you want to say about him (of course good things). How? Just leave a comment on this post or if you want to make it as anonymous fill the contact form here with the subject “My Kaká Memories” and I’ll publish your comment here! Also if you want to give ideas for a “Kaká Birthday Project” (I know maybe it’s too soon but at least I want something really big for next year) you’re very welcome !! I was thinking that some of the comments that you add here could be part of the Kaká Birthday project! You can comment in the language that you want!

The second part is that I’m giving you the chance to make your site to appear on the sidebar of Forza Kaká. Go here and apply!


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  • http://www.facebook.com/saikhnaa.kaka Batsaikhan Rick

    Hey Ricky, I’m from Mongolia but now in US. I want you do all your best to get back into previous form score goals and more than everything assist or be involved in every goal, my favorite thing is the ULTIMATE SEARCH “THE MAESTRO” video. And good luck at the El Classico. Hope you would score at the next games. I’m most afraid that you would get injured, i don’t want it to happen

  • http://twitter.com/MarwaMadridista Marwa Momdouh

    Hey Kaka, I really tried to express my love to you but I can’t find suitable words to say, I wanna a large notebook to express in it :D
    I just wanna say that we all your fans, have a hug trust in you, and we know that you will back to your top level , and always know that we got your back ;)
    I wanna tell you two situations happened with me, actually there are two dreams, the first one is that I saw in you in the dream in a hospital and I was carrying so hard cuz I was so scared about you, but you told me in the dream :D to stay calm and everything will be all right.
    after that dream by two days I think, I knew that you gonna have a knee surgery on 5 August.
    and the other one is that I had a dream about Carol that she’s pregnant, and after about 4 months you announced in your twitter account that she’s pregnant and she was in her 4th month.
    I think this two situations are kinda weird, but it’s so cool :D
    to feel the same thing you feel, to know everything thing happening to you, and to your great family :)
    God bless you and your family :)
    Carol, Luca e Isabella <3<3
    I'm Egyptian, so I'll tell you some words in Arabic means, that you will back soon as you were before :)
    انه المايسترو كاكا , عائد من جديد
    عائد ليسحرنا بسحره الفريد
    Vamos Maestro <3<3

  • http://twitter.com/maria22rk mariamanarolaki

    Hey Ricky!!I am a huge fan of yours for several years now and I cannot begin to explain what you mean to me..You are not just a person i root for,you are someone i admire deeply and you inspire me throughout sooo many things in life!!You are a role model for all of your fans and we love you deeply because tou make me believe in a lot of things and give me strenght when I most need it!!You will always hold a special place in my heart!!And altought I’ve never met you in person (but that is one of my dreams-goals)my favourite memory of yours was the season 2006-2007 which was your best season of all and you won everything but most of all the final of Champions League that season in Athens,Greece because that’s my country and that made your victory double special for me!!!I will never forget that feeling of you winning in my country,never!!!Finally,I hope no more injuries will cross your path so you will be able to show us the Grande Kaka’ we all know and love!!!!NO MATTER WHAT WE ARE ALL THERE FOR YOU AND LOVE YOU!!!God bless you and your beautiful family!!!

    Maria from Greece

  • http://twitter.com/ingrid_azevedo Ingrid Azevedo

    Hi Chevy, how are you? I’m Ingrid and I wanna join you in this great project! :)
    Here are my Kaka memories:

    Hey Kaka, my name’s Ingrid (@Ingrid_Azevedo) and I’m from Brazil. I’ve been a Kaka fan since I was 12, in 2005. I first saw him in World Cup of 2002, but I was too young, so I just thought him cute. During the Confederation Cup in Germany, I could notice how talented is Kaka! He made his typical pass and I simply fell in love! First, because of his game, after his beauty, and then I knew Kaka as family man, son of God and I realized how amazing is Kaka!
    In March of 2006, I started posting Kaka’s photos on internet but I just created my first flog (flogao/fcdokaka) on july 4th, at the same year.
    So, I’ve been following Kaka and his family since then! I remember his wedding with Carol, his performance in WC 2006 (Kaka made the first goal from Brazil against Croatia), his Milan time, awards in 2007 (the golden year for Ricky, “il bambino d’oro”), Luca’s and Isabella’s births, his moving to Madrid, the injuries, the difficult times and now the rebirth.
    People ask me why I’m Kaka’s fan and I answer: he has a great football, is a really star from soccer, is intelligent and, of course handsome. But above all these things: he’s one of the best people I’ve ever met! First of all, Kaka’s an example of a christian person, is humble, loyal, honest, simply perfect, amazing!
    I’m proud of saying: I love Kaka, Carol, their kids and their family! And I have a flog which shows all my love and respect for them: http://www.Fcdokaka.tk.
    Love you, Kaka, never forget your fans, who supports you and prays for your well being.
    Take care, God bless always you and your family.

  • http://twitter.com/Hana_Nass Hana

    Hey Chevy! Just realised I didn’t share my Kakà memory! So here we go:
    I’ve always been a Brazil NT fan and during the WC 2006 I followed them very close. I spotted Kakà already before the WC, but I became a huge fan during the WC. I was so amazed by his speed and skills. I also watched few videos of Kakà during that WC when he was relaxing and he was hilarious =) I also known that he was a religious believer which I thought was very surprising for a football player. Then I heard that he stayed a virgin until he gets married and on that moment I was really amazed by his faith. Kakà got everything, money, fame but he still keeps his faith in God and respects the values of the religion. I was thrilled when he won the CL with Milan in 2007, beyond joyous when he won the ‘Ballon d’Or’. In summer 2009, I followed him in the confederation cup, when he was amazing again. In March/April 2010, I started to write for Kakafans.net and I started to support Kakà in the thoughest times he ever went through. Hopefully, those times are now over and let’s the happiness come back! As Ingrid said, Kakà is not only a great footballer, he is also a superb human being, which very rare in the football world. That’s why I love him =) Hala Kakà!