Forza Kaká Is Back!

I don’t know if any of you experienced instability on the site at Friday. Well id you did that was because the site was attacked by a virus that we were not able to stop or delete. The site had to be restored until February 10th of this year, thankfully, I saved a backup of the posts so I only had to re-upload the images of every single post since Feb. 10th. I appreciate your patience and of course the worry of some of you. I’ll take more precautions now to prevent a damage like this again.

Feel free to navigate through the site and if you find any bug or something that is not working, contact me so I can take action on it.


Ps: Thanks to Hana from for offering her help in case I had to re-write the posts! – Also, I’m already working on the “Ricardo Kaká 30th Birthday Project” site, hopefully it will be ready tomorrow.


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  • Hana

    you’re welcome Chevy =) really happy to see the site working again!