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Kaká gave on the past days in his house, an interview to Luciano Hulk (Brazilian Journalist). Check out the backstage/preview of the show that will be aired next week, thanks to” Esporte Espetacular.

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Midfielder, who will attend the table ‘Peneira’, the Cauldron of Huck, spoke about hectic week in world football, special moments in his career and Selection (Brazil National Team).

For the Brazilian crack Kaká, the week brought strong emotions. There are three seasons at Real Madrid, the player celebrated for the first time the Spanish League title, in advance. In the same week, the midfielder missed a penalty in the match that ended up disqualifying the team (Real Madrid) for the Champions final. The host Luciano Huck went to the home of the midfielder for a chat about the busy week in world football. The meeting is only part of a story that will air next week, under ‘Screen’, the Cauldron of Huck.

Kaka participed on the Spanish conquest from the bench and not as it used to be the protagonist. But he believes to have been part of the team was important for his career. The player has a contract for three more years with the Spanish club and says he intends to continue. The goal now is to hold his own in Real Madrid and stand out to return to the Brazilian national team.

Luciano Huck: You are and always has been the protagonist. How did you feel watching Real Madrid winning from the bench?

Kaka: It’s a new feeling. I’m happy. It was another achievement for my career. It was nice despite not being the protagonist of the conquest. But it is different from what I was used. This gives me more motivation to go back to be the protagonist. Of course football is a team sport and all that you earn will depend greatly on the group. But having a big weight on an achievement is a goal I have.

Not have placed Real Madrid in the Champions League final and lost a penalty was very painful?

Wow, was suffered too much. I have some negative points that also marked my career. When I lost the Champions League in 2005 with Milan, the elimination in 2006 and 2010 World Cups and now the elimination in the semifinals of the Champions League with Real Madrid, because it is a brand that I will carry for all my life.

How is Mourinho with you?

 He is a guy who has helped me and given me opportunities. I would not want to leave Real Madrid.

Mourinho remains at Real Madrid?

He continues. After the elimination [UCL] he declared it.

And haven’t you talked to him objectively about your future at Real Madrid?

No. We haven’t talked about it, because the league is not over yet. We have two more games. I have three-year contract left and I’ll keep doing my part.

What about 2014? What can you say about the Brazilian National Team? Do you have a good relationship with Mano?

I have. I’ve talked to Mano a few times. When he became coach of the Brazil National Team, he came here and met with me and Marcelo. Then we talked twice by phone. I’ve talked to him about my desire to return to selection. But I believe that my back really depends on my income at the club. I think when the player goes into the selection is quite because of the “performace” that he is doing at the club. Gradually I will conquer my space at the club, things will happen and I’ll return to the squad.

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