Kaká Featured On “Predator LZ” Ad: The Name Is Drive

Adidas, one of Kaká’s sponsor, featured him on some ads for the new boots named “Predator LZ” where also some of his teammates appeared.

Although Adidas launched this week some ads and in none of them Kaká appeared, today he published on his Twitter account @KAKA about his new ad. In a 30s video, Kaká makes use of the “Predator LZ” showing his long passes in a “funny” situation. Check out the dedicated space to Kaká and the new boots on intersport.com & the videos below:

Predator LZ: Kaka – The name is Drive

YouTube Preview Image

Predator Lethal Zones: First Touch

YouTube Preview Image

Predator LZ: The story behind lethal

YouTube Preview Image


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