Karanka: “Kaká Is Our Player & We Are Searching For A Solution”

Karanka talked about Kaká after the Brazilian player was left out of the squad list to face Oviedo today (the Whites won 5-1).

A lot of rumors have been around these days about Kaká’s future after he was seen in Santiago Bernabeu along with his father to have [supposedly] a meeting with Mourinho. The rumors were bigger today, when Kaká was left out of the squad list to face Oviedo on the first match of the pre-season. Mourinho hasn’t said anything and neither has Kaká, but Karanka talked about the Brazilian after the match played today:

Regarding Kaká, we are looking for the best solution for him and it was the coach’s decision that he wasn’t here [playing the match]. He is our player and hopefully we will reach a solution between us.

So, Kaká’s future is unknown, at least for us. When something official comes out (not more rumors), Forza Kaká will let you know.


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